Command & Conquer to get “episodic, story-driven missions” and regular content updates


Victory Games put on a short, awkward e-sports show, earlier today at Gamescom. Two members of Victory’s global community team took to the stage for a wee scrap, apparently wanting to “settle a grudge” by blowing each other up with a nuclear arsenal.

The battle pit the EU faction led by General Cleaver against the GLA led by General Nitro. Amid some oh so very excited commentary, we got to see the GLA close the gap with some handy nitro boosts, and some devastating player powers like nuclear attacks and fuel bombs, levelling an entire base.

After the EU schooled the GLA, Victory revealed Command & Conquer’s episodic campaign and made some update promises.

Frequent content updates with “new generals, new maps, new modes and more” are being touted along with a greater level of community involvement. “That’s the coolest thing about this new C&C. We can take your feedback and incorporate it straight into the game.”

On top of the multiplayer shenanigans “episodic, story-driven missions that can be played alone or cooperatively” are being thrown into the mix. This episodic addition will being at some point next year.

While Command & Conquer’s alpha is still ongoing, you can sign up for beta now.