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A true RTS game classic is finally coming back and you can sign up now

One of the defining RTS games and a true PC classic, Commandos is finally making a comeback, and you can sign up to play right now.

Commandos Origins playtest: A soldier in a beret from RTS game Commandos Origins

We’re living in the era of the PC classic comeback. Boomer shooters like Dusk and Turbo Overkill are keeping alive the spirits of Doom and Half-Life. Upcoming 4X games like Ara and Millennia are shots in the arm for the aging Civilization formula. And the beloved XCOM-style of tactical strategy lives on in Classified France ‘44. The real legends never die. Now, one RTS game series, which we haven’t heard from since 2006 (excluding some remasters) is making its valiant return, and you can sign up to be one of the first new players. The Commandos are back, and a superb-looking beta is about to blow up.

This is Commandos Origins, an ambitious new prequel to the entire RTS game series that focuses on the earliest missions undertaken by the eponymous special forces team. Featuring the full, original squad, a lengthy campaign, a revamped UI and order system, and two-player co-op, while we’re still waiting on the Commandos Origins release date, this is looking like one of the most promising new strategy hits of the near future.

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And now, the first playtest is on the way. Just announced by publisher Kalypso, the first Commandos Origins playtest will be available to select players at some point after Tuesday March 12. All you need to do is complete a couple of straightforward forms and if you’re selected, you’ll be contacted by email ahead of the playtest’s start date.

Tense, detailed, and from the same mighty era as Command and Conquer and Age of Empires 2, Commandos is one of the all-time great RTS games. If you want a chance to play Commandos Origins, you can sign up here.

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