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One of the best RTS games ever made is finally making a comeback

From Command and Conquer to Company of Heroes and Age of Empires, we’ve seen some amazing RTS games over the years, but one of the greatest, Commandos, is back.

New Commandos game: A snarling soldier with piercing eyes from RTS game Commandos

Command and Conquer. Ages of Empires. Company of Heroes. The RTS is one of PC gaming’s defining genres, delivering some of the greatest experiences to ever grace our beloved gaming rigs. But between strategy sims, city builders, 4X games, and more, it feels like the RTS has fallen a little out of favor in recent years. Thank the giant, hovering mouse cursor in the sky then that one of the best and most beloved real-time strategy series ever is finally making a comeback. Commandos Origins, a long-awaited prequel to Commandos, Commandos 2, and Commandos 3, is coming to Steam.

Oh yes, it’s back. One of the best RTS games in history is at last returning with Commandos Origins. This is the story of how our favorite band of special operatives first met, and their original missions that helped reshape the outcome of the Second World War. Between raids, sabotage operations, and search-and-rescue missions, the Green Beret, the Sapper, the Sniper, the Spy, the Driver, and the Marine are here once again to revitalize real-time strategy.

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Two-player online co-op. More than ten missions. This is the Commandos series back at its classic best. From the hostile Arctic to the burning deserts of North Africa, you play across large, open maps that allow for a huge variety of different approaches. Published by Kalypso, the team behind the Tropico strategy game series, Commandos Origins boasts a “modern user experience with precise and intuitive controls.”

Commandos 2 is perhaps the shining example, but this is the RTS at its most detailed and focused, as you make precise, tactical decisions for each member of your squad – themselves with their own strengths and weaknesses. We’re still waiting on a release date, but if the return of Commandos just made your year, you can wishlist it on Steam right this second.

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