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Company of Heroes 2 trailer claims to be about more than tanks but isn’t really


Company of Heros 2 has been released; read our Company of Heroes 2 review to find out our verdict.

The latest trailer for Company of Heroes 2 makes some pretty unconvincing claims. Apparently it’s about more than just tanks before going on to show two minutes of tank on tank action. Strange, really, considering the first game, while featuring tanks, was all about the infantry.

“World War II like never before.”

Now that’s a silly line. If I had to point to a game showing World War II like never before I’m going to point to Wolfenstein: The New Order. It has robot dinosaurs and lasers for making pictures of penises. Up your game, Company of Heroes marketing team.

The tank focus of this latest trailer is likely to show the prominence of vehicular combat that will take place in this Russian-set campaign. Russia was the setting of some of the largest tank battles the world’s seen, so getting them right in the sequel was probably high on Relic’s list of aims.

I was always a fan of directing about the game’s infantry but if they’ve added something of the depth that you found with your troops to your tanks then I can see Company of Heroes 2’s vehicle battles being something special.

Cheers, VG247.