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Two free DLC packs and an update: It’s a good time to be a Company of Heroes 2 player

Company of Heroes 2 Aftermath

After going head-to-head against Total War: Rome II, Company of Heroes 2 walked out of Sega and Steam’s blood-soaked arena victorious, yesterday. The games were pitted against each other, with players being given the opportunity to unlock some free DLC by racking up victories. 

CoH 2 players will now be able to get their hands on two free DLC packs until February 22nd just in time for the game’s first major 2014 update, Aftermath, which dropped today. 

German Commanders can get a leg up with the Close Air Support Doctrine DLC, giving them a deadly new tool in the form of the JU-87.

Stuka Bombing Strike

  • A JU-87D Stuka will dive in and drop a 50kg bomb on the target location. Capture points are neutralized if hit.

Stuka JU-87 Anti-Tank Strafe

  • Stuka JU-87 will strafe the target location with its powerful 37mm cannons.

Stuka JU-87D Anti-Infantry Strafe

  • Stuka JU-87D will strafe the target location with its powerful 7.92mm MG 17 machine guns.

Redistribute Resources

  • High command delivers extra Munitions at the cost of Fuel.

Stuka Reconnaissance Pass

  • Available aircraft will make a reconnaissance pass on the targeted location to reveal enemy forces.

On the Soviet side of things, there’s the Advanced Warfare Tactics DLC which includes the most powerful version of the T-34 tank.

Il-2 Sturmovik Attacks

  • Il-2 Sturmovik will strafe the target location with its powerful 23mm cannons.

T-34/85 Medium Tanks

  • A T-34/85, with a powerful 85mm gun, can be requisitioned for the battlefield.

Conscript Repair Kit

  • Demonstrating pure ingenuity, Conscripts can repair any damaged structure, vehicle, or bridge.

Conscript Assault Package Upgrade

  • Unlocks an upgrade package on Conscripts that replace three of their rifles with PPSh-41 Submachine Guns for better short-range firepower.

Radio Intercept

  • Intercepts enemy radio transmissions providing valuable intel on enemy actions.

The Aftermath free update contains a slew of balances and tweaks to individual units and across the board. It also introduces a new map, created by a community member, “Crossing in the Woods” as well as the new Battle Servers.