The competition heats up: GOG’s 24-hour Adrenaline Rush offers free games and more sales

GOG 24-hour Adrenaline Rush

GOG wants to remind you that there’s more than one big sale going on right now. In an effort direct our attention away from Steam for a moment, GOG’s putting on the 24-hour Adrenaline Rush.

That means 24 hours of giveaways, free games and a massive wall of flash sales. It’s all a bit manic, with deals popping up for short times, giveaways coming and going and game vouchers popping up at random. 

“During the 24-hour Adrenaline Rush, four mystery games will pop up on’s website – each one only for three hours, each one at an undisclosed time,” the announcement says.

On Facebook and Twitter, GOG’s going to be throwing up short videos, and if you can name the games included in these five-second clips you’ll be able to grab one of the 100 game vouchers that’ll be offered at different times during the event.

When did sales become so complicated?