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Consortium: The Tower reveals new gameplay and Commander Shepard

Consortium: The Tower

Interdimensional Games have released a development update for Consortium: The Tower, an upcoming immersive sim that aims to deliver on Deus Ex creator Warren Spector’s dream of the ‘one city block RPG’. It’s still over a year away, but it’s looking super impressive, like some sci-fi Die Hard infused with moral quandaries. 

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Consortium: The Tower was funded on Fig last year, and the developers have made some incredible progress in the time since the campaign launched. Back then, all they had was target footage, but now entire sections of the game are playable in alpha, from the rooftop infiltration to other floors of its intricate skyscraper.

You begin by landing on the skyscraper from above, the game kicking off how it intends to go on: by offering a variety of approaches to each situation. Using a freefall suit, you can infiltrate the building through five different paths. We’re also shown a funny interaction with one of the game’s NPCs – which, again, can turn out very differently – in the video above.

Elsewhere, some voice talent has been announced, including Mark Meer as “The Voice,” Matt Alden as “Alvarez Famosa,” Gord Marriott as “Malcolm Thomas,” and Belinda Cornish as “Ellon Gibbons.” Three of those people are from Mass Effect, with Commander Shepard himself, Mark Meer, included.

If you want to see a live demo of the game, the developers will oblige on Twitch on June 10. There’s also a backer demo coming soon. Luckily, you can still back the game in the new ‘Slacker Backer’ tier. Check out Fig for more information.