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How to get more views in Content Warning

If you want to go viral on SpookTube, it’s important to know what your audience likes, so here’s how to get more views in Content Warning.

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How do you get more viewers in Content Warning? The premise of Content Warning is simple: find scary things, film scary things, and upload your footage to the internet. With any luck, your videos will be entertaining enough that you’ll gain a following on the in-game video site, SpookTube, and catapult you and your team to viral fame.

The multiplayer game is going from strength to strength after initially being available for free on Steam. Now that players have gotten to grips with the basic mechanics of Content Warning, they want to know how to increase their audience, and with it, their income. Here are some tips to help you get more viewers in Content Warning.

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Gain more views in Content Warning

They say it’s not easy to go viral these days, but we’ve found several methods which are guaranteed to bring eyes to your content.

Here are four methods to get more views in Content Warning:

  • Put your friends in danger
  • Variety is the spice of life
  • Structure your videos
  • Retrieve your lost footage

Put your friends in danger

While watching your friends being tossed around by monsters may seem like a bad time, the people who watch videos on SpookTube absolutely love it. So, with that, if your buddies are getting pinballed by one horror or another, maybe don’t help, and film it instead. If you really want to shake things up, you can alert a monster and bait your teammates into investigating.

Variety is the spice of life

Don’t focus too much on the first thing you see; there are plenty of scary things waiting for you in Content Warning, and the more of those you commit to film, the more viewers you’ll get. This doesn’t just count for monsters, either; spooky structures, skulls, and anything else that creeps you out is all good stuff.

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Structure your videos

You get 90 seconds of film per day, so it’s important to make each one count. Give your videos some structure with an intro and an outro, and try some selfie angles. Your audience needs some context of where you are and what you’re seeing, with an introduction being a perfect primer for the upcoming action.

Retrieve your lost footage

If — sorry, when — you die, you drop your camera. This isn’t the best news, but thankfully you can retrieve your equipment the next time you enter the area from where you fell. Remember, the camera keeps filming even after you fall, so there could be some juicy candid footage that will capture the hearts and minds of the masses.

There you have some quick tips on how to get more views in Content Warning. If you’re just getting started with the Lethal Company-like, we have guides on the Content Warning system requirements, and also if Content Warning is Steam Deck compatible, to see if you can take your fame on the road.