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Is Content Warning Steam Deck compatible?

It's early days for this indie horror game, and Steam Deck compatability is yet to become a reality, but the potential is certainly there.

An image of a Content Warning player charcter with an ASCII face and a Steam Deck overlay

Is Content Warning Steam Deck compatible? It’s always exciting to see another indie title take off into the stratosphere, and Content Warning appears to be the next game to hit it big on Steam. However, its current Steam Deck status could be a dealbreaker for some.

Content Warning surprised many when it launched for free on Steam, but the deal is only set for the first 24 hours. While it’s proven very popular with PC players, landing over 200,000 concurrent players in its first day, the lack of Steam Deck support has some players wondering if it’s a priority.

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Is Content Warning Steam Deck compatible?

Content Warning is yet to be rated for the Steam Deck by Valve. However, the lack of gamepad support makes the game unplayable on the gaming handheld.

While some of the in-game keybinds do translate over to Steam Deck, ultimately when your character stores their camera away before a level begins, there is no button you can press to re-equip it, meaning you’re unable to play the game properly.

For what it’s worth, Content Warning performs great on Steam Deck, we’d expect nothing less from the best handheld gaming PC, but it’s the missing controller support that lets it down in the end.

Once this is added, should developer Landfall wish to do so, we imagine that Content Warning will be guaranteed a playable or verified rating. We know this because a similar situation arose when Lethal Company first launched and then worked towards a playable rating that it still retains.

We also wouldn’t be surprised to see Content Warning be classed as unsupported when the first round of testing is complete unless controller support is already lined up for an update very soon. Thankfully, Valve is happy to revisit games once updates are made and reassess Steam Deck compatibility.

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