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The 12 best Content Warning mods

These top Content Warning mods take the chaotic viral game to new heights with extra players, longer film time, and ragdoll jumps.

What are the best Content Warning mods? Shortly after its release on April Fool’s Day 2024, the hilarious and chaotic Content Warning took the world by storm as thousands descended into the terrifying Old World to seek out creepy creatures and internet fame. As with most memetic games these days, of course, modders set about upping the ante almost immediately.

You might have already heard about mods increasing lobby capacity in the multiplayer game, but there are plenty of others to choose from as well. We have fully tested each of the mods in this list to ensure that they work, but more importantly that they are safe to download. We have omitted others from our list for this reason, so take care when downloading Content Warning mods – or any mods, for that matter.

The best Content Warning mods right now are:


You can probably guess what the NoMoreSpooders mod does to Content Warning, and we are not complaining. We love this new interest in making games a little more arachnophobia-friendly. While this option might not be available in-game officially just yet, this fantastic mod does it instead. Similar to Grounded, the Content Warning arachnophobia mod turns terrifying spiders into blobs instead. They’re still pretty scary, but not in the same way spiders are to those who are deathly afraid of them.

A list of some of the game-changing options available with Crowd Control, one of the best Content Warning mods.

Crowd Control

First off, Crowd Control is a mod for streamers, so it won’t be of use to you if you don’t livestream the game to viewers. That said, it’s so good we had to include it for those who are, and, if you’re not, you can still be involved if you find a streamer using it.

Crowd Control has previously been made for a range of games, with Content Warning now having been added to the list – very aptly – allowing viewers to directly interact with the game being streamed. Often used for charity streams, Crowd Control uses bits, channel points and other methods to allow viewers to make changes in-game, like instantly reducing player health  or healing them fully, often with hilarious or devastating effects.

Content Warning mods: Four suits with different expressions pose together for a shot.

More Players

The More Players mod by X753 drastically increases lobby size from four to a max of 128 players. Unfortunately, large lobbies have been temporarily disabled due to server restraints, but the option should be available again in time.

The Content Warning customization screen shows 54 colors to choose from thanks to one of the best Content Warning mods, MoreColors.

More Colors

With all those extra players, you might want some additional customization options to set you all apart. Of course, you have myriad ASCII faces to work with, but it helps to have more than the basic seven Suit colors to choose from. More Colors increases this to a massive 54 color options, including baby blue, black, and cream.

Content Warning mod Extended Player Names allows you to use more characters in your name, shown with seven characters on a blue Suit face.

Extended Player Names

In the base game, name customization is limited to just three characters. If you want to do something a bit more special, write out your name, or display a more complex ASCII face, the Extended Player Names mod allows you to do just that. By shrinking down the size of the text, you can fit far more characters on your face, across multiple lines.

Longer Sprinting

One of the first things we noticed when playing Content Warning was how quickly your stamina is used up sprinting. In the vanilla game, if you want to save your stamina for legging it away from a monster at short notice (which you do), you have to walk everywhere which takes an eternity. LongerSprinting saves you a bit of time, giving you considerably more stamina as standard, as well as the option to tweak walking and sprinting settings to suit your requirements.

The player shines a flashlight on the wall, but the battery level remains at 100% thanks to the Content Warning mod Infinite Flashlight.

Infinite Flashlight Battery

Simply put, the Infinite Flashlight Battery mod stops your flashlight from ever letting you down. We don’t think this is too much of a cheat, since it can get pretty dark down in the Old World, and we’re still restricting ourselves in other ways. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, modder WDWE_games also has an Infinite Stamina mod, too, which you could swap out with Longer Sprinting for never-ending stamina.

A player holds up the camera and records a spider attack, but the film level remains at 100% thanks to one of the best Content Warning mods, Infinite Camera.

Infinite Camera

Infinite Camera lets your film run on forever, so you can capture every second of content while you’re in the Old World. Naturally, you still might die to monsters or a lack of oxygen, so “infinite” only applies to your life expectancy.


Tied with Longer Sprinting, this is possibly our favorite Content Warning mod based on what we’ve found to catch us out in gameplay. While the 1, 2, and 3 numerical buttons are still attached to your items, with the CWMouseWheel mod installed, you can easily switch between them with your mouse wheel as well, something we heavily rely on in games like this. When you’re caught out by a Knifo or Big Slap, you need to be able to switch from your flashlight to your camera in an instant, which is made much simpler with CWMouseWheel.

A two-sided image shows the death status of an alive and dead player thanks to Content Warning mod Death Status.

Death Status

It has to be said, Content Warning was made to be a multiplayer game. We’ve tried it on our own and it’s near impossible. That said, there are some things that could make the multiplayer experience better, and one of those is knowing whether your teammates are still alive. Sure, you might have comms, but on the off-chance you don’t, the Death Status mod shows the status of all players on the Diving Bell screen. There’s already a green dot next to each name, but in the event of a player’s untimely death, with this mod installed, that dot simply turns red.

YouTube Thumbnail

Hell Divers

First off, no, this isn’t Helldivers in Content Warning. It does, however, take one of the most important features from the game: diving. In the Hell Divers Content Warning modclass="gallery">, players gain a movement mechanic which lets you spectacularly launch yourself into the distance. Dive off high points or just across the ground, and your Suit yeets itself into the distance.The PCGamesN logo appears on the Content Warning in-game green screen thanks to More Projections, one of the best Content Warning mods.


If you want to film yourself on your green screen, you might want some unique projections to shoot in front of. The MoreProjections mod comes with a ‘huh?’ meme included, but you can add any images you want. Simply paste any .png image into the ‘moreprojections’ folder within the plugins folder, likely C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ContentWarning\BepInEx\plugins\moreprojections.

The Content Warning SpookTube screen shows new comment thanks to the Content Warning mod More Comments.

More Comments

Once you’ve uploaded a few videos to SpookTube, the comments can get a little boring. When you’ve had enough of the “Snail Zombie. Snailbie!” joke, there’s the More Comments mod, which contains a wider variety of quips from your loyal viewers.

How to install Content Warning mods

The method of installing these Content Warning mods depends on the mod itself. Most need BepInEx installed as well, which is automatically included in the QoL pack. With BepInEx installed, locate the plugins folder within the BepInEx folder, and move individual, extracted .dll mod files there. Packs can instead be placed directly in the Content Warning folder.

The Content Warning folder can be found here:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Content Warning

Once installed, the BepInEx plugins folder can be found here:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Content Warning/BepInEx/plugins

Follow this link to download BepInEx. Of course, these locations depend on where you installed Content Warning, but you should be able to follow this basic route to find the game files in your E: drive instead, for example.

While some of these Content Warning mods might help you to get better SpookTube content, you might still be desperate for more views. In that case, check out our guide to getting more Content Warning views. This survival horror game is certainly full of frights, so if you require a break from the jump scares, take a look at some of the other best PC games available right now.