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New horror game gets 96% Steam rating in 24 hours, free for now

Despite only having launched less than 24 hours ago, this new Lethal Company style horror game has accrued a 96% rating on Steam.

New horror game gets 96% Steam rating in 24 hours, free for now: Four figures with colorful faces holding a film snap board in a dark, dreary room

Have you ever wanted to be a pixellated content creator whose gimmick is exploring abandoned space ships? I can’t say I have, either – until Content Warning appeared. A new, surprise drop from four indie devs and publisher Landfall, this is the perfect horror game to play with your pals because, while on the surface things look silly and colorful, the creatures that you’ll be facing are truly the stuff of nightmares.

Channeling the vibrant, pixel visuals of 2023’s biggest horror game hit, Lethal Company, Content Warning thrusts you into the shoes of four mischievous content creators who, as you’ve likely guessed, are exploring an abandoned space ship to “film cool stuff for our viewers” and “make views, which makes money.”

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It’s all fun and games on the outside, where you’re surrounded by plush cartoon greenery, but as soon as you get inside this mysterious craft, things get very wild, very quickly. Transported to the ‘Old World’ – one devoid of color – you’re tasked with filming as many scary things as you can and getting out alive.

At the moment, the game has currently accrued a 96% rating on Steam, with all of the recent reviews being largely positive. In just 24 hours there’s over 7,500 reviews and, according to SteamDB 100,483 players – and that number’s steading rising. For context, that’s more than horror opus Dead by Daylight (56,699) and Lethal Company (36,993) combined. Not bad, huh?

A SteamDB graph showing the player count for Steam horror game Content Warning

The whole thing is a lot of fun, silly chaos, and I am absolutely dying to jump in. If you are, too, then I have good news – Content Warning is free for 24 hours post-launch, so grab it right now before it returns to its normal price at $7.99.

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