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Why the developer of Max Payne is annoyed with Tom Hanks

control tom hanks

Remedy Games, the developer of Max Payne and the recently revealed Control, is ticked off with Tom Hanks, and it’s because of one of the much-loved actor’s tweets.

Control is a game set entirely within one office building. The unsettling brutalist structure defies physics, being vastly larger on the inside than the outside. It’s actually based on a real building in New York, the old AT&T building – a multistorey office block with no windows, and one that wasn’t exactly in the public eye until a certain actor tweeted about it.

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Hanks tweeted a photo of the building in July last year. It’s racked up over 40,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweets since then.

“We were like ‘Man, I wish that had happened at a different time’,” Remedy Games’s head of communications Thomas Puha joked on a Game Informer livestream.

The building “inspired us partly,” Puha admits, and while not exactly an architectural secret, it’s certainly more recognisable after being shared so widely on Twitter.

Here’s the tweet in question:

I’m sure it won’t detract from Control as the game looks fantastic from its reveal trailer:

We don’t know Control’s release date, but we’ve spoken to creative director Sam Lake about how the game’s transforming gun is a “modern take on the King Arthur Legend,” as well as how you’ll discover and learn abilities while exploring the interior of this ever-shifting building that allow you to tear it apart and reshape it to your advantage.

From the makers of Max Payne, its action sequences should be excellent, and I can’t wait to see what the team does with the new almost open world Metroidvania construction.