Cookie Clicker patch increases compatibility with cheats

The first post-Steam release Cookie Clicker patch is here

Cookie Clicker's main screen, including a lot of achievements with one of each building

Cookie Clicker is out on Steam, and the player counts are going up just like our cookie production numbers. But be sure to actually close the game every now and then, because there are patches to be downloaded, and the first of them is available today. One of the more notable changes in this version improves support for cheats.

This patch fixes “possible audio-induced memory leaks associated with autoclicking”, so you can safely make use of your automatic clicker. (It’s a single-player game with no leaderboards, so who cares, right?) Developer Orteil says that Steam Workshop support is “underway as well since the local mods seem to be working good”, so expect more non-standard ways of clicking cookies to be accessible soon.

This patch has also “fixed that one milk-related achievement”, so you can actually resize your window to get the cookie dunked. You can see the full patch notes here, but it’s mostly a load of smaller bug fixes, addressing issues with the Steam overlay, options displays, music cues, and closing the game.

If you’ve not played Cookie Clicker since its initial explosion, you might not have known that the game has been in active development pretty much ever since launch, with new versions and new features published regularly. This won’t be the last Cookie Clicker patch we see.

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