Copse and robbers: Sir, You Are Being Hunted goes multiplayer

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is the best game I’ve ever given 7/10 to. Although I felt I’d exhausted its emergent charms after several hours with it, it’s stayed in the periphery of my thoughts ever since – partly because I live in and around the same sort of red industrial ruins and tall copses (though thankfully not the metal corpses) that make up its mournful British landscape.

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If there were ever an ideal time to be abandoned on the peninsula once more, it would be at the launch of Sir’s 1.0 multiplayer client. Three years after the Kickstarter promise of co-operative grouse-grinding, players can now boot up dedicated servers and embark on an eventful ramble together.

“It’s important to mention that Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of the few games to feature a networked playable trombone,” writes Big Robot’s Jim Rossignol. You’ll see a bit of that (appropriately inharmonious) playing in the trailer.

“Sir has always felt like a multiplayer game in-waiting for us so it’s great to have finally made that a reality,” says lead designer James Carey. “It’s a brutal mix of coop and PvP.

“It might make sense to collaborate at the start of a game, but because only one person can escape at the end those alliances soon break down. It’s been fantastic to see players respond to that ambiguity during the beta test and it’s a real thrill to put those choices in the hands of the wider player base now.”

Here’s that 7/10 Sir, You Are Being Hunted review. How did you like its highly politicised survival-stealth?

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