To fight coronavirus, GDQ launches a new charity speedrun marathon

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick charity speedrun marathon has been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, and will now take place two months late. GDQ organisers, however, have put together a new, online event to benefit those affected by the pandemic – 100% of the proceeds will go to humanitarian organisation Direct Relief.

Corona Relief Done Quick will take place starting April 17, and will last until April 19. Speedrunners will be able to make submissions until April 2, and the final game list and schedule will be revealed on April 13. If you want more information on Direct Relief – or to make a standalone donation – head over to the charity’s official site.

SGDQ will now take place starting August 16, and will last for the usual week at the expected location in Bloomington, Minnesota. In the announcement, GDC says “we are continuing to actively monitor updates from the WHO, CDC, local governments and public health agencies regarding COVID-19 and will provide updates via Twitter and on our website if anything changes.”

AGDQ 2020 earlier this year set yet another fundraising record. GDQ has run several smaller events to benefit disaster response efforts in the past, though they’ve always been smaller in scope than the main, annual runs of AGDQ and SGDQ.