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Corsair’s new PC cases are a cable manager’s dream

Corsair's latest 6500 and 2500 dual chamber case designs support Asus BTF and MSI Project Zero motherboards, with wooden panel options too.

Corsair 2500D AIrflow and 6500D Airflow

Corsair has just released several new cases that hide most of your PC’s power cables from view. Not only do these dual-chamber Corsair case models put the PSU and its cables in a separate section from the main interior, but they’re also fully compatible with Asus BTF and MSI Project Zero motherboards. These boards move the chunky 24-pin ATX and CPU 12V power sockets to the back of the PCB, so the cables and plugs can be completely hidden behind the motherboard.

That means you don’t need to worry about buying fancy sleeved cables to stop your PC’s insides looking ugly, as you simply can’t see the wires in the first place. We’re expecting support for motherboards with these hidden connectors to be found on lots of the latest best PC case options in the future, and Corsair has been quick to get in on the action.

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That doesn’t mean you can’t see any cables at all in your case, though. You’ll still need to carefully route the cables for your rear exhaust fan and CPU cooler. Plus, unless your graphics card is a similarly cable-free model (both Asus and MSI have released cards that get extra power from the motherboard), you’re also going to need to route your GPU power cables neatly.

Two new series of cases have been announced by Corsair, based on the company’s previous 680X and 280X dual-chamber designs. The 6500 series comes in 6500X and 6500D Airflow flavors, with the latter featuring mesh panels to boost airflow, and the former having front and side glass panels to provide an aquarium-style view of your largely cable-free interior. Meanwhile, the 2500X and 2500D Airflow do the same but for smaller, micro-ATX systems.

All the cases come in black and white options, and Corsair promises a range of available options from its online store, including wooden and aluminum panels, plus vertical GPU mounts. There’s loads of room for cooling gear as well, with the 6500X having room for a 360mm radiator in the top, side, and bottom of the chassis. A 6500X RGB model will also be available with a Corsair iCUE Link hub to control the lighting.

The Corsair 6500 price across all the models $199 (£169), with an alternative panel kit costing you an extra $99, and a vertical GPU mount coming in at $75. Add some of Corsair’s daisy-chain fans with one of its iCUE Link AIO coolers, and you’ll barely have to deal with any cable clutter in one of these cases, particularly in the main interior. That’s good for airflow and easy component access, as well as looking good.

That said, not everyone hates the look of cables, especially if they’re neat and tidy. I still really like the look of my blue, individually sleeved PSU cables, and if you follow our guide on how to build a gaming PC, you can learn how to construct a system with tidy cables yourself.