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Corsair just made it easy to style your gaming keyboard and mouse

With just a few clicks in Custom Lab you can select from dozens of colors and patterns for your Corsair mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad.

corsair custom lab

Ever wanted to move away from the boring black or white (or pink) designs of mouse gaming peripherals, but don’t fancy dismantling your gear and going to town with a spray can? Corsair has you covered with its new Corsair Custom Lab service.

Corsair’s new peripheral personalization platform has been launched at Computex, where we’re reporting direct from the show floor. Custom Lab lets you select from a whole range of colors and patterns and have them applied to your choice of M75 Air mouse – currently our choice of best wireless gaming mouse, K65 Plus gaming keyboard, or MM300 mouse pad. Corsair plans to add more options, but these three models are your choices for now.

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The customization feature, which can be found here, offers the ability to pick from a range of “collections” with predefined colors and patterns, or completely go your own way, starting with a blank canvas for your chosen peripheral, onto which you can slap new colors or patterns.

corsair custom lab m75

For the M75, you get a base color option, then you can add a different color or pattern to the “face plate”, which consists of the top central portion and two main buttons of the mouse. The side buttons and scroll wheel (the latter limited to just black or grey) can also be clad in different colors. Suffice it to say, you can come up with more cohesive configurations than our one above.

corsair custom lab k65

As for the K65 keyboard, you start with either a black or white frame, then you can add patterned keycaps. Surprisingly, there are no other color options than black for the keycaps, with only ten patterns available for now, but we’re sure this will grow with time. You can then select Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Speed, or Cherry MLX Red V2 switches, although it’s interesting that Corsair isn’t offering any of its own switches.

corsair custom lab mm300

As for the mouse mat, this can be specced to have one of the ten patterns that are also available with the keyboard.

The base cost of these custom units is the same as that of the normal ones, and changes to color come for free, but adding the patterns does add $9.99 to the total cost.

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