Opera GX browser gets the RGB treatment with Corsair iCUE integration

Opera GX holds a giveaway to celebrate Corsair iCUE software integration, where you can win one of five K100 gaming keyboards

Corsair's K100 RGB gaming keyboard sits next to other peripherals, each shining rainbow RGB lighting

RGB lighting goes hand-in-hand with PC gaming, but the party doesn’t have to stop for Corsair components when you shut down your game. Instead, you’ll now be able to brighten up your humdrum workday with a splash of colour, as Opera GX’s Corsair iCUE software update lets you synchronise your pirate-themed peripherals with trite tasks like booting your browser.

If you haven’t heard of Opera GX, it’s a web browser built for gamers, and it’s more than just a gaming aesthetic layered over the original. It has additional features geared towards the hobby, from Twitch and Discord integrations to network, CPU, and memory limiters you can customise to prevent your browser from being too much of a resource hog – yes, we’re all looking at you, Chrome.

iCUE’s inclusion has some handy functions beyond getting lights to dance to you opening and closing your tabs. It can signpost when your limiter is on, flash when a download has finished, and throw up notifications from your integrations – the latter of which is particularly handy if you have Twitch on in the background waiting for a drop.

While Razer enthusiasts have enjoyed many of these features for some time with Chroma integration, you’ll need Corsair peripherals and components to make use of the new iCUE support. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with Opera GX to give you the chance to win one of five Corsair K100 RGB gaming keyboards, which are no slouch. Find out how to enter the giveaway here.

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Aside from the colourful update, unique pinboards have also made their way over to the GX browser after debuting on the standard Opera earlier this year. These let you save images, documents, and articles, whether you want to access them later or share with your friends.