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Free Steam keys and More

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Journey through the supernatural island of Aeternum in New World, Amazon Games’ first step into the world of MMORPGs. You begin the game shipwrecked, starting without any supplies or allies. Harness Aeternum’s power by becoming a powerful warrior, capable of taking down the beasts that roam the island. Discover new allies along the way to help you fight against some of Aeternum’s biggest threats, or become part of an army to fight against other players in PvP combat.

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You have a chance to try out New World during the closed beta period which runs from July 20 to August 2. We have 50 closed beta codes to giveaway – all you need to do is use the widget below to enter. Find out more information about New World by heading over to the game’s Steam page.

New World closed beta giveaway

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Space Punks

Space Punks is an action RPG that has you and your team of misfits blast away at weird and not-so-wonderful enemies with any guns, grenades, gadgets, and gizmos they can muster. Take control of one of the four playable characters, each one with their own skills and abilities, and plunder the galaxy’s bounty with your friends at your side. Space Punks will be released in open beta this winter, but why wait until then?

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To celebrate the Early Access launch of Space Punks, we have 500 closed beta codes to give away for the Epic Games Store. You can also check out the game’s Epic Games Store page to learn more about the two Founders packs that also grant you early access to the game.

Space Punks giveaway

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