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Plunder Panic

Arrr, matey! Grab your sharpest scimitar and assemble your pirate squad, it’s time to pillage the enemy team and send them straight to Davey Jones’ locker. Plunder Panic pits up to 12 players together in both local and online play to prove who the best team is. In this 2D platformer, players must coordinate with their crewmates to scuttle the other team’s ship, plunder booty on the island, or defeat the enemy captain in a relentless battle.

To celebrate the launch of Plunder Panic earlier this month, we’re pleased to announce we have 50 Steam codes to giveaway! You can increase your odds of winning by spreading the word about this giveaway using the widget below. Learn more about Plunder Panic by checking out the game’s Steam page.

PCGN – Plunder Panic giveaway

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ArcheAge: Unchained outfit

ArcheAge: Unchained is celebrating its eighth anniversary with a bang, launching its Fresh Start Server to give new and returning players a clean slate. The developers at XLGames know that starting over can be a daunting task, and they’re offering a bunch of incentives to make it easier.

First up, there are XP boosts, increased honor points, and a kinder loot drop rate to make the process smoother. Anyone that logs in from September 16 will receive log-in rewards, including the Anniversary Giftbox, Bound Serendipity Stones, and more. And there’s the Make a Splash event with a dungeon that’s available until October 13.

A set of exclusive rewards are up for grabs for those who transfer to the previous servers, including: a new ‘Winter Graduate’ title, seven Bound Lucent Serendipity Stones, along with Eternal Grade Infusions and Enhances to help you level up. This requires a ticket to complete, and existing players can trade in honor points when they make the move.

As a toast to the occasion, we’ve partnered with XLGames to give away 3,400 ArcheAge: Unchained codes for the Witchcraft Disciple outfit. It’s open to anyone from North America, Europe (excluding Russia), and the Oceanic region, but can only be redeemed on the Fresh Start Servers (EU: Arcadian / NA: Stormraw). In the meantime, find out more about ArcheAge: Unchained by heading over to the website.

PCGN – ArcheAge Unchained giveaway