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Corsair Platform 6 gaming desk now available, for a price

The Corsair Platform:6 modular computer desk comes in 3 different models, or you can create your own, adding extras like the Elgato Multi Frame pegboard.

An image of a person, sitting at a Corsair Platform:6 modular PC desk.

Corsair is behind some of the best peripherals a PC gaming setup can have, from gaming mice, keyboards, and now, since owning the Elgato brand, some of the best webcams and streaming hardware too. While the brand appears to have its hand in every area of the PC hardware market, it was only recently it decided to stretch its remit into actual furniture for PC gamers, with the launch of the Platform: 6 modular computer desk, which is now available to order.

Having one of the best gaming desks isn’t as important as making sure your rig is high-powered enough to play some of the best PC games, yet it is still an integral part of any PC gaming setup. If you’ve taken the time to build or purchase an expensive rig, you’ll arguably want a well-equipped and stylish desk to sit it on, and the Corsair Platform:6 Modular Computer Desk looks to be just that.

The desk is a modular optionally sit-stand desk, targeted towards remote workers, streamers, and PC gamers. It’s equipped with a six-foot wide surface area, which can be expanded through purchasing additional parts, giving you plenty of room to lay out all of your flashy PC gaming accessories. Each Platform:6 desk is decked out with dual monitor arms, and a Corsair branded ‘RapidRoute’ wire management tray, to keep your myriad of cables concealed and tucked away.

The key standout with the Platform:6 desk is that you can expand it to suit your exact PC gaming needs, from choosing between what color of desk you prefer, if you want fixed or adjustable legs and more. If you opt for the adjustable height option, you get to make use of the dual electric motors that can quickly move your desk to your desired position, via the use of an LCD readout controller.

The additional Elgato Multi Frame top-mounted pegboard also gives you more space to mount your controllers, headsets, and other accessories. If you stream, there are adaptors for Elgato Multi-Mount and Flex Arm, so you can easily equip all your live-streaming equipment with ease too. Each desk expansion costs extra, so if you’ve got a budget to stick to, it may be cheaper to pick one of the three available pre-built options instead.

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All three pre-built models of the Corsair Platform:6 Modular Computer Desk are available to purchase from Corsair. The Standard Edition, which is only available with black laminate, is available for $999.97, while the adjustable Elevate version is available in both black laminate, and in a dark walnut stain for $1,399.97 and $1,499.97 respectively. The Creator Edition, is the priciest of them all, coming in at a hefty $1,799.96, but that large chunk of change is going towards a desk with all the bells and whistles already attached.

If this desk isn’t for you, our best gaming desk guide is full of alternative options that would suit any PC gaming setup. Making sure your rig is future-proof is just as important as having a well-tailored computer desk, and our best SSDs for gaming guide is full of great storage options to keep your PC going.