Best gaming desk 2023

We've chosen the best gaming desks after hours of playing, to help you find out which is the right option for you whether you're sitting or standing

Best gaming desk, the Thermaltake Toughdesk.

Having the right gaming desk is the best way to complete your setup, giving you something sturdy and stylish to rest the best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse on. You can find desks that are as feature-packed or simple as you want, and with so many to choose from, we’ve picked a range of top options, whether you want space, value for money, or the best RGB lights and cable management money can buy.

When choosing the best gaming desk, there are several things to consider. Do you want a built-in system to help you manage cables, wireless charging for your phone, or even height adjustment – which helps to take extra care of your posture when paired with the best gaming chair? It’s not all about functionality, though.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap gaming desk that’s a step above your current model, a table with plenty of room to support the biggest and best gaming monitor setup, or maybe even an L-shaped desk to maximize your available workspace, we’ve got the right desk for you. Check out our standing desk guide if you want more flexibility when gaming.

These are the best gaming desks to buy in 2023:

Best gaming desk: the Secretlab Magnus. Image shows the product on a white background.

1. Secretlab Magnus

The best gaming desk overall is the Secretlab Magnus and it costs around $550 (£450).

Secretlab Magnus specs:

Desk width 150cm
Desk depth 70cm
Desk height Extendable: 73.5 – 75.5cm
Maximum weight 100kg


  • Great for cable management
  • Looks absolutely fantastic
  • Sturdy, reliable bit of hardware


  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Cable management is the name of the game with the Secretlab Magnus, as the desk offers more options than you can shake a stick at. Firstly, it improves upon the usual tray at the rear by adding a hinge that lets you access your wires from the top of the table. Then, you can feed your leads using fastening straps, custom cable sheaths, and magnetic cable anchors to make both above and below your desk immaculate.

It’s not function over form, either, with modern, all-metal construction. It sure makes the desk heavier than most readers will be used to, which is something to keep in mind if you need to lug it up the stairs, but there’s nothing quite like it once it’s assembled with the magnetic MAGRGB lighting strip and the leatherette MAGPAD. The latter might not replace the best mouse pad given it has a little more friction, but it’s far more comfortable to lean on than the usual tabletop digging into your arms and lets you support your favorite esports teams like Team Liquid and Cloud 9.

Those familiar with the gaming desk world will know that Secretlab is well-known for making top-tier pieces of hardware, which is no doubt going to be a sign of reassurance to many shoppers. However, while you definitely get what you pay for, it is one of the more expensive brands too, so this won’t be an appropriate choice for anyone shopping on a budget.

Best gaming desk: Eureka K55. Image shows the desk with a monitor on it.

2. Eureka K55

The best cheap gaming desk is the Eureka K55 and it’ll cost you about $180 (£180).

Eureka K55 specs:

Desk width 80cm
Desk depth 60cm
Desk height 75.2cm
Maximum weight 40kg


  • Affordable price
  • Plenty of space


  • No adjustable height
  • Not quite as durable as others

If you don’t want to break the bank when it comes to buying your own gaming desk, then the Eureka K55 is a great choice, packing a fair amount of features for the price. At 55-inches in length, there’s more than enough room to have a dual monitor gaming setup. It also comes with a holder for a drink of your choice, a hook to rest your best gaming headset on, an extra large mouse mat, and a stand to proudly display your best PC controller.

When it comes to cable management, you can suspend your power strip using the holder at the back of the desk, hiding the sea of cables from your floor. There’s also a grommet on the desk for popping cables through. It’s not exactly adjustable height like other options on this list, but you can fiddle about with the desk’s feet, which have 1cm of give in them, helping to prevent wobble on uneven floors.

While it is by no means a flimsy product, if you were to compare it to some of the more expensive options you’d definitely notice that it feels cheaper. Its design is a sturdy one, and it’s not just going to collapse overnight, but it won’t last quite so long as some of the pricier options.

Best gaming desk: Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation.

3. Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation

This is the best RGB gaming desk with seriously cool style and it costs around $1200 (£570).

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation specs:

Desk width 160.6cm
Desk depth 70.5cm
Desk height Adulstable: 70 – 110cm
Maximum weight 150kg


  • Great for personalization
  • Adjustable height


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

The Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation is perhaps the most overkill gaming desk you can buy, but getting the best is always going to be an investment. Unlike a standing desk, which gives you no choice in the matter, you can adjust the height from 70cm (27.6-inches) off the ground to 110cm (43.3-inches), which is a blessing for your spine. It can also remember up to four different height settings, so you don’t constantly overshoot your preferred positions.

RGB lighting sits around the edge of the desk for a little personalization, which can sync with any Thermaltake and even Razer products you own, thanks to integration with Chroma software. There’s also an included mouse pad that fills up the entire desk space. With a maximum load weight of 150kg and a sturdy aluminum frame, there’s no doubt this thing can withstand a triplet of the heaviest monitors.

Of course, when going for a desk like this, it should come as no surprise that you will be paying a lot more than you would for any of the other options here. It’s also a heavy bit of equipment, so keep that in mind if you live on the top floor of a building and don’t have an elevator.

Best gaming desk: Designa 31. Image shows the desk on a white background.

4. Designa 31-inch

This is the best small gaming desk that suits small spaces and it costs around $125.

Designa 31-inch specs:

Desk width 80cm
Desk depth 60cm
Desk height 74.5cm
Maximum weight 40kg


  • Fits in small spaces
  • Affordable


  • Lower weight limitation
  • Offers less space generally

Not everyone has the space for sprawling desks, which is where the Designa 31-inch comes in. It can fit into more cramped rooms at just 80cm in length, and despite its small size, it’s still got all the hallmarks of a great gaming desk. In fact, it’s very similar to the Eureka K55, our favorite budget desk, with a carbon-looking surface, an included headphone holder and a games controller stand.

The X-shaped legs also help with desk stability, so your monitors should have minimal shaking as you hammer away on your keyboard. Cable management is no problem, too, thanks to two grommets and a power socket holder on the underside.

Unfortunately, readers in the UK will have trouble finding this 31-inch model for some reason. Instead, you’ll have to go for the 47-inch variation, but of course, that one won’t be so well-equipped to squeeze into your small spaces.

Best gaming desk: the Flexispot EC1 adjustable desk.

5. Flexispot EC1

The best cheap adjustable gaming desk is the Flexispot EC1 and it costs around $200.

Flexispot EC1 specs:

Desk width 12ocm
Desk depth 60cm
Desk height Adjustable: 71 – 121cm
Maximum weight 70kg


  • Reasonably priced
  • Height adjustable


  • Offers less space than others
  • Can’t hold as much weight

If you want a desk that lets you assume a standing position but don’t want to pay the premium of desks like Thermaltake’s RGB offering, this height-adjustable desk from Flexispot is a great alternative. The electric operation allows the desk to rise up to 50cm, and the steel frame construction gives the desk a solid feel. It’s also easy to piece together.

With a 120cm length and 70kg weight rating, it’s solid enough to take a dual monitor setup. Plus, you can get the tabletop in a variety of colors, depending on your preference. We’ve pictured the white one here as our favorite one, but there’s a black one that we think looks pretty darn great too.

Something to keep in mind is that this one isn’t designed to hold huge amounts of weight. If you want it for just your gaming laptop and a couple of other bits of hardware that’s fine, but if you’ve got a big, comprehensive rig, proceed with caution and maybe check the weights first.

Best gaming desk: Eureka L60. Image shows the desk on a white background.

6. Eureka L60

The best cheap L-shaped gaming desk is the Eureka L60 and it costs around $300 (£540).

Eureka L60 specs:

Desk width 155cm
Desk depth 110cm
Desk height 76.2cm
Maximum weight 90kg


  • Slick L-shaped design
  • Reasonable price for its size


  • Could hold more weight
  • Much more expensive in the UK

L-shaped desks are the most space-efficient you can buy, keeping the length of the desk down while granting you enough room for all your gaming gear. Eureka’s L60 is a great option and it won’t drain your wallet, either.

There’s an extensive cable management system under the desk, so you should be able to get your setup looking as clutter-free as possible. It looks the part too, with its carbon fiber-esque desk print and included red mouse mat.

Compared to some others, it could be said that its maximum weight capacity is a little on the low side. Still, for an L-shaped gaming desk at this price, there’s very little to complain about.

Best gaming desk: Flexispot Comhar on a white background.

7. Flexispot Comhar EG8

The best glass gaming desk is the Flexispot Comhar EG8 and it costs around $400 (£300).

Flexispot Combar EG8 specs:

Desk width 120cm
Desk depth 60cm
Desk height Adjustable: 72 – 121cm
Maximum weight 50kg


  • Beautiful glass desk
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can’t hold much weight
  • Cannot clamp suspended hardware

If you’re looking for the high-end look of a glass desk, none does it better than the Flexispot Comhar EG8. It’s got an electrical height adjustment of up to 50cm, letting you vary your position between sitting and standing, and built-in USB ports so you can charge your phone and other accessories. The 120cm length makes it perfect for a more compact setup, too.

However, because of the glass construction, there’s a lower-than-usual 50kg weight rating, so you’ll probably only want a single monitor placed on the desk. Also, the glass means you won’t be able to clamp suspended hardware like monitors or the best gaming microphone without a reinforcement bracket to absorb some of the pressure.

Still, when it comes to pure aesthetics, this desk looks absolutely fantastic, and though it may not be able to handle as much weight as others, there are still many gamers for whom it will work perfectly. It’s important to consider what you’re going to put on it before choosing this one, but if you do, your gaming room is going to look absolutely fantastic.

Best gaming desk: Thermaltake Toughdesk 500l RGB.

8. Thermaltake ToughDesk 500l RGB Battlestation

The best big gaming desk for serious setups and it costs around $1500.

Thermaltake ToughDesk 500l RGB Battlestation specs:

Desk width 160cm
Desk depth 160cm
Desk height Adjustable: 70 – 110cm
Maximum weight 150kg


  • Offers loads of space
  • Can hold lots of weight


  • Quite expensive
  • Hard to find these days

This high-end, L-shaped desk from Thermaltake is great if you’re looking to maximize space and don’t mind paying the premium – after all, it’s packed with features for the price. The main desk has a full surface RGB mouse pad, and the whole unit is adjustable by a whopping 70cm.

There’s an undertray to hide your jungle of cables from sight, and with a 150kg load rating, this desk should be able to support anything you throw at it, from a triple monitor setup to your best gaming laptop, or proudly displaying your best gaming PC on the desk itself.

Unfortunately, this product is approaching the end of its life, so is becoming harder to find. It is still great by any measurement, but it won’t be around for much longer.

Best gaming desk: IKEA Fredde.

9. IKEA Fredde

The best Ikea desk for gaming is the Fredde and it costs $370 (£215).

IKEA Fredde specs:

Desk width 185cm
Desk depth 74cm
Desk height 146cm
Maximum weight Undisclosed


  • Decent price
  • Sturdy build


  • No cable management
  • Frame can be cumbersome

Ikea might not be the first place you’d check for gaming furniture, but its new ROG-themed collection proves it’s serious about specialist setups. The Ikea Fredde gaming desk has a reasonable price tag, especially considering the sturdiness and the number of features packed in.

There are cup holders on each side of the desk so you don’t have to worry about spilling your favorite drink over your expensive gaming gear, plus a headphone stand, shelves to display your best computer speakers, and an elevated monitor stand to help you get as comfy as possible.

Speaking of monitors, it’s a little smaller than some of the desks here, but you should still be able to fit a dual monitor setup into the space just fine. The frame might prove to be a pain with desk clamps, and there’s no cable management system underneath, but there are grommets to help feed your wires through. Ikea also has affordable add-on items like a cable management system and LED lights to complete your setup.

How we chose the best gaming desks

We put this list together by drawing on decades of gaming experience, considering the strengths and weaknesses of different desk types, and comparing them against the needs of different PC gamers. Some key considerations included:

  • Pricing: We wanted to include options for all budgets
  • Size: Everyone has a different amount of space available for their desk
  • Weight limitations: How heavy is your setup? We included desks that can hold a range of different weights
  • Aesthetics: Your gaming space is your sanctuary and you want it to look just right for your personal de-stressing space

Read out how we test page to learn more about our process for choosing products for buyer’s guides.

What are the benefits of a gaming desk?

If you’ve already got an office desk, you might be wondering whether you need one of the best gaming desks instead. The answer is yes, and no. If you’re currently gaming on your dining table or sit on your sofa, then investing in a dedicated gaming desk will be worth having it so that you can create an ergonomic setup with all of your gaming hardware.

However, if you have a good office desk already, don’t really want to spend a lot more money, or it isn’t yours to replace, you might just be able to pimp it up with a decent mouse pad or some RGB strip lights.

What to look for in the best gaming desk

Material: The construction of the table top is an important consideration. If you’re going to be using monitor or microphone clamps, or may in the future, you’ll want a wood or metal – clamps and glass desks don’t mix.

Cable management: You definitely don’t want to miss cable management solutions such as nets, trays for power strips, or grommets, as they all help to keep your whole setup tidy – don’t worry, all the desks listed here have that convenience.

Size: We’ve listed the dimensions of all the desks in our guide, as it’s a very important factor for choosing the best gaming desk for you. There are a wide variety of sizes, so it’s best to consider the space you have and how many monitors and peripherals you want to stand on top of it.

Do I need a height-adjustable gaming desk?

If you spend extended hours at your PC, it might be worth stretching your budget for a height-adjustable gaming desk. A standing desk can help you avoid developing a bad posture, as it allows you to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. We know that being sedentary for too long is harmful to our health, so being able to move around and continue gaming can only be a good thing.

Thermaltake’s Level 20 RGB Battlestation has plenty of features that make the desk stand out, but with Flexispot on the scene, you don’t need to brave four figures for this level of customisability anymore – and you could just stick an RGB strip onto the back to get the same glow.

How much weight can a gaming desk hold?

Naturally, gaming setups are as heavy as they are elaborate, especially if you’re going for a triple monitor configuration. So, before investing in a new surface, it’s important to calculate exactly how much weight you need your desk to bear. Specialist gaming desks are usually designed to hold their ground when it comes to heavy equipment, with options like Thermaltake’s Battlestation boasting support for up to 150kg, and the Secretlab Magnus handling around 100kg.

And there you have it, our roundup of the best gaming desks you can buy. Of course, these aren’t the only playing surfaces to consider – check out Wargamer’s guide to the best gaming tables for board game fans and desk shufflers.