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Grab a $200 discount on this spectacular Corsair 4K gaming monitor

The Corsair UHD32144 is an awesome 32-inch 4K gaming display, and it can now be yours complete with a 20% saving from its $999 MSRP.

Corsair UHD32144 gaming monitor

Despite being one of the first gaming monitors made by the company, Corsair’s UHD32144 is one of the better examples of a display to cross the desks at PCGamesN. Premium performance, however, needn’t demand a pretty penny as this spectacular screen is now available for $200 less courtesy of Corsair itself.

The Corsair UHD32144 finds itself in coveted company in our best gaming monitor list. We’ll touch on what makes it so deserving of a spot in a moment, but first let’s discuss the deal at hand.

Right now, the Corsair UHD32144 is available from the Corsair store for just $799.99, down $200 (20%) from its usual asking price of $999.99 (Link). Better still, you can have it for even less without the stand, to the tune of $729.99, if you plan on placing it on a monitor arm (Link).

As I highlight in the PCGamesN Corsair UHD32144 review, this monitor packs both specs and style in equal spades, featuring a 32-inch panel with a native resolution of 4K and refresh rate of 144Hz, contained in a slick chassis. It looks particularly striking with its uniquely styled stand, which also provides excellent cable management.

Quantum dot technology helps the screen of the 32UHD144 to produce colors that are both strikingly vivid but also accurate to the creator’s intent. For those of you, like me, that are sticklers for color space coverage and accuracy, Corsair’s monitor covers 100% sRGB and AdobeRGB, as well as 98% DCI-P3. Suffice to say, everything looks great on it.

The main weakness of the 32UHD144 is its HDR capabilities. While it is Vesa DisplayHDR 600 certified, it lacks any local dimming capabilities and thus isn’t a true demonstration of what high dynamic range gaming can be.

Its advertised 1ms response time is also only achievable using the ‘Fastest’ overdrive setting and with MPRT enabled, and isn’t something we’d recommend aiming for. More realistically, using our preferred ‘Faster’ mode, while retaining Adaptive Sync, you can expect till plenty-fast 5ms response times.

Even with these blemishes, however, the Corsair 32UHD144 comes firmly recommended, especially at this $799.99 price point.