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Intel Core i9 14900KF CPU smashes CS2 record with 1310 fps

Australia Extreme Overclocking and Intel set the monumental CS2 fps record at SXSW Sydney 2023 with an i9 14900KF processor overclocked to a whopping 8GHz.

CS2 fps Intel Core i9 14900K: two shadowy figures appear next to an i9 processor.

Team Australia Extreme Overclocking set a new record for CS2 fps by overclocking the brand new Intel Core i9 14900KF to 8GHz at SXSW Sydney 2023. The enthusiasts from Down Under pushed the processor to near its limits with a 33% overclock, reaching an incredible 1,310 fps in Valve’s new tactical shooter.

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This incredible result — overseen by Roger Chandler, Intel vice president and general manager — has been achieved with the continuous application of liquid nitrogen to the Intel Core i9 14900KF – identical to the Intel Core i9 14900K but without integrated graphics – allowing it to climb from the already-impressive 7.5GHz to 8GHz. The nitrogen cools the CPU and RAM to allow them to eke out every last performance drop from the processor.

While 8GHZ isn’t the highest clock speed on record — as Swedish overclocker elmor managed to reach just over 9GHz — it managed to push Counter-Strike 2 fps to a world record 1,310 fps. Considering how important fps is to success in CS2, that number will have many competitive gamers fantasizing about Intel‘s newest batch of processors.

But before you get excited about reaching such a mind-blowing figure milestone with your own Intel Core i9 14900K, there are two things to bear in mind. Firstly, you probably won’t be able to pour liquid nitrogen on your rig while fighting for control of mid. It’s expensive and messy.

Secondly, 1,310 fps is probably not a frame rate advantage over, say, 540Hz, detectable by the human eye, meaning this achievement probably won’t make a noticeable difference. That doesn’t make it any less impressive, though.

The first wave of Intel’s 14th gen processors has arrived, and it’s a mixed bag so far. While the new CPUs are more powerful than what came before on the whole, it’s not as big a generational jump as we’d have hoped. Check out our guide to the best gaming CPU to see our recommendations for what you should spend your hard-earned money on.