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You can’t jump your eyes over your head in CS:GO anymore

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The most recent major on the pro CS:GO circuit was… enlivened by a bug that enabled players to peek over walls without exposing themselves to enemy fire. Despite first asking players simply to adapt, Valve have now announced that the bug will be fixed.

Here’s what’s in the latest CS:GO update.

The bug occurred near walls that were slightly taller than character models, which could be peeked over with a jump. The bug meant that quickly crouching would keep the player’s head concealed from return fire, thus risking nothing in return for a quick peek.

After Berlin International Gaming (BIG) abused it in their games at last month’s PGL Major, viewers named it ‘the BIG bug’. Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen of FaZe clan – one of BIG’s victims – claimed Valve simply told players to adapt:

Despite Valve’s relaxed approach to the problem, they are taking measures in the next CS:GO update. According to pre-release notes on the Counter-Strike blog, the existing camera height restriction system will be extended to cases where a player is in the air. This will stop your first-person view from rising above your character model’s head.

The next patch will also make major changes to pistols, which you can read about here.