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CS:GO update – the latest changes to the world’s best FPS

What are the latest buffs, nerfs, and changes to Counter-Strike? Here are the patch notes for the most recent CSGO update

csgo update

Looking for details on the latest CS:GO update? Whether it’s new weapons and maps, or minor tweaks to the game’s core arsenal, staying on top of the meta is key to dominating this competitive FPS.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t updated like other esports. While the likes of League of Legends and StarCraft 2 spend weeks testing every small change, CS:GO’s come out of the blue. While Dota 2 will reinvent itself every three months, CS:GO’s changes are so subtle you might not even notice them logging in from day to day. To help facilitate you in noticing this, we are going to track the latest CSGO updates that hit live  servers in this post. Each time Valve make significant patches to the game, we will let you know what is worth worrying about, what isn’t, and also provide as full a changelog as we are able to.

But before we crack on with the latest CS:GO update, we should mention that we’ll only be adding new patches as and when they are finally deployed to live servers. Anyway, on with the changelog.

CS:GO’s latest version was released on June 19 and contains some minor map and miscellaneous changes.


  • Fixed in-game blog sometimes not showing the most recent content
  • Fixed missing CSM on some materials in OpenGL
  • Fixed grass height bug on Linux


 Dust II

  • Fixed spawn priorities
  • Fixed pixelwalk in retro version
  • Added navmesh names for retro version

Those are all the changes from this CSGO update. It’s a pretty small one, focused mainly on some relatively small map tweaks.