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Here’s what’s in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new loot box

Clutch Case

There’s nothing better than winning an important clutch in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even if I do feel like I need a lie-down afterwards. To celebrate this most stressful of online-gaming moments, Valve have launched the new Clutch Case for CS:GO.

Here’s what new in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest update.

The clutch case features 17 new community-designed weapon skins. There’s a decent spread on offer, from the skins for the Glock, Revolver, and P250 pistols, all the way up to the AWP and Negev at the more expensive end of the scale. My personal favourites are the Arctic Wolf skin for the UMP, and the AUG’s Stymphalian skin, but that possibly speaks to my lack of skill than my artistic taste.

The case also includes 24 new glove finishes, from driver gloves to hand wraps. In my opinion, your hands are probably about the least important things in an FPS, and I can’t say that any of them really catch my eye, but to each their own.

Community Capsule 2018

Valve also released Community Capsule 2018, which features eight new stickers from four different community artists. My favourite of those is ‘Small Arms’, featuring an enraged cartoon T-Rex wielding Dual Berettas, but the Camper and Dessert Eagle stickers are strong contenders. The community capsules are available as in-game offers, and the cases are available for purchase and as drops, starting today. You can get a full look at everything here.