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Not so easy peasy - Valve manage to misspell their “Lemon Sqeezy” CS:GO pin

counter-strike global offensive easy peasy lemon sqeezy pin

As a professional typer of words, I can say with some certainty that typos happen. (It’ll be especially embarrassing when one inevitably sneaks its way into this article.) But that’s usually just on me – not on a team of graphic designers, network engineers, and collectable manufacturers all supporting one of the most popular games in the world. Yet somehow, Valve have managed a top-level corny typo in a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pin.

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This pin is supposed to say “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy,” but the U that would typically follow a Q is nowhere to be found, proving that this “Lemon Sqeezy” wasn’t quite so easy peasy. A bit of mistaken graphic design is solved easily enough in-game, but these pins are also made available as real-life collectables, so you’ve gotta hope these things haven’t yet been submitted for manufacturing.

If you’re wondering whether maybe this is a reference to some obscure CS:GO meme, the sticker associated with the design has the correct spelling. Valve’s DanB seems confident they can work through the problem, saying on Reddit that “Those U’s are tricky, but we can fix this. EASY PASY.”

Let’s just hope Valve’s reputation can survive this heinous black mark that will surely dog them until the end of days.