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FaZe crush everyone in dominating victory at ESL One New York

esl one new york 2017 faze

The grand finals at ESL One New York last night went to FaZe Clan, and it wasn’t even close. The newly restructured European team dominated the tournament, ending it in decisive fashion against Team Liquid in a 3-0 sweep.

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Throughout the event, FaZe won 112 rounds while only giving up 39. The held Virtus.pro to five points and Astralis to six in the opening rounds, and prevented Cloud9 from exceeding four points in the semis.

After a crushing 16-3 defeat in the first map of the finals, Inferno, Liquid rallied in the second on Overpass but couldn’t close the deal, suffering a 16-14 defeat. Another dismal 16-4 loss on Mirage closed the tournament for Liquid, crowning FaZe as ESL New York Champions.

FaZe had struggled in tournament play this year, earning many top spots but few grand championships. It seems the addition of players like GuardiaN and olofmeister last month was the secret they needed to move from good performances to utter domination.

But despite the new additions, the true star of the team remains NiKo, who finished the series with an incredible 68/31 KD, making him one of the top CS:GO players to watch in 2017. With an all-star lineup and a dominating debut for their shuffled roster, FaZe will be the team to beat.