This CS:GO frag video is a terrific way to make you feel bad about your skills

csgo frag video sodiactv

Frag videos might be intended to showcase the most impressive of shooter skills ‘n’ kills, but they’ve developed into a form of art unto themselves. Take “No Luck Just Skill” here for example. Not only does it showcase a whole bunch of frankly ridiculous kills from midair revolver headshots to multi-frags through walls, it does so with style.

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That style involves lots of extra graphics and overlays from smoke clouds to big ol’ text overlays. Y’know, for emphasis. This particular video comes courtesy of sodiacTV, who’s done plenty of stylish frag vids and other CS:GO content in the past.

This particular video is an especially terrific way to make you feel bad about your own skills, whether we’re talking about playing CS:GO or editing video.

In other CS:GO news, Dust2’s long-awaited rework is coming down the pipe, and incidentally Valve just shared a new screen as I’m writing this. Kismet!