CS:GO hacker uses exploit to spam messages complaining about hackers

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players may have found their lobbies invaded by unkickable chat bots over the weekend, thanks to a newly-discovered exploit.

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The exploit enables accounts to join any lobby - even private ones - and prevents them from being kicked.

In a Reddit thread discussing the issue, it seems the leading user of this exploit is - somewhat ironically - making use of it to complain about security issues in CS:GO. In the messages he forces on the rest of the community, he tries to organise a one-day boycott of the game in protest at its “hackers and bugs”, complaining that Valve are more interested in making money from skins and cases than they are in fixing these problems.

The hacker's message

Valve have responded to that thread, saying they “have deployed a temporary solution to help mitigate the exploit” and that they “will continue working on it throughout next week”.

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I mean. He has a point.