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Agency is being added to competitive CS:GO with the end of Operation Hydra

Counter Strike CSGO Operation Hydra Features

Yesterday marked the end of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Hydra, which introduced a bunch of unique game modes to Valve’s FPS. As part of the end of the operation, Valve are keeping several of Operation hydra’s most popular features in the game, as revealed in yesterday’s blog post.

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Wingman, Operation Hydra’s most-popular event, will remain available. The fast-paced 2v2 game mode will now feature new community maps, which players will now be able to select themselves, rather than having them be chosen randomly in matchmaking. Players will also have their own skill level unique to Wingman.

War Games, a game mode which allowed players to swap out game modes after a few rounds, will also be staying around after the end of Operation Hydra. As well as popular War Games modes like Flying Scoutsman, Valve are adding in some other alternative game modes, including Arms Race and Demolition.

Map pools across both competitive and casual game modes. Valve are removing less popular maps from competitive matchmaking (although Agency is being added), while votes for map in casual game modes are being sorted according to overall playtime.