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CS:GO skins now purchasable and tradable through game marketplaces G2A and Kinguin

CSGO weapon skins sale

Online-only game retailer, code seller and general provider of cheap products Kinguin have announced they’re opening a store specifically for the sale and trade of CS:GO weapon skins for cold, hard cash. They’re not the only ones, with G2A having their own section of their store for similar purposes. There is third party selling of codes for skins in other games like League of Legends, but the nature of the economy is so different that they’re less of a currency, more of a luxury item, and less procurable for selling. You can’t both use and then resell a code for PAX Sivir, for example, while a Crimson Web Huntsman Knife is good to go whenever.

Being the biggest, best FPS in the world helps, of course.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The screenshot above is a random selection of items from G2A’s store, numbering up to hundreds of dollars. These are items that players will just have sitting around, some of them going unused, some of them dearly held collectors items, some of them in the hands of those totally unaware of what they’re worth. Those players are already customers of these stores and will be looking to buy and sell at all times. If Kinguin and G2A can create a marketplace better than the other options out there, provide protections and services that others cannot due to their higher budget, that’s money on the table.

Kinguin’s store is located here, while G2A’s is over here. Both carry everything from basic, 99 cent skins up to the multiple hundreds of dollar items and collector pieces that have us all wondering just how much money Valve must have. The pair of sites aren’t just providing a place for you to dump yours though, having their own collections, meaning they can run sales, use discount codes and all the rest. It’s everything good about a cheap game store, applied to skins – probably with a bit less dodgy reselling too, we’d hope.

CS:GO players: is this something you’re interested in, or do you find Valve’s tools and places like CSGOlounge cover your needs? Let us know below.