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Steam account hack gives user a load of CS:GO gear

A user regained access to their hacked Steam account - and discovered a load of Counter-Strike goodies

It’s not usually good news to find out your Steam account has been compromised, but for one user, it has come with some ‘perks’ – in the form of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive goodies and the rank of Legendary Eagle Master. Not bad, considering they say they’ve never actually played the game.

As spotted by The Loadout, Reddit user ThrowStoryAwayTime has posted a screenshot highlighting what they discovered upon regaining their Steam account after a year of inactivity, during which time it had been used by a CS:GO player. As well as the high ranking, their inventory is packed with weapons and items, and their account shows a “staggering 1000+ hours of CS:GO play time” racked up during the time the other player had access to the user’s Steam account.

ThrowStoryAwayTime says that, after spending some time away from the platform, they recently tried to log onto Steam, only to realise that their details had been taken over by another user. After regaining access to their account, they discovered that the hacker was from Russia (they had changed all of the user’s details to their own and “had the Russian flag plastered everywhere”).

Following an invitation to play CS:GO by the one of the hacker’s friends when logging on, the user thought they’d download the game to find out what had been going on in their absence. To their surprise, there were all the signs of a “very good Russian player” having used it, the Legendary Eagle Master being the third highest tier in ranked CS:GO.

Steam account hacked – 1 year later from r/Steam

Despite the items and ranking, it looks like the user isn’t planning to dive into the game at this level – they say they’re “Not going to ruin anyone’s game by queuing up,” and that they’d “just leave it as is as a funny reminder to a funny story.” They also add, “Hope the guy had fun with the account at least.”

In other Counter-Strike news, CS:GO Operation Shattered Web is out now. If you’re a fan of Valve’s multiplayer FPS, you might also find our CS:GO console commands guide handy for the next time you dive in.