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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is finally adding a T-shaped crosshair

cs:go update t crosshair

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s latest update featured a variety of bug fixes and balance changes, and yes, I am trying to describe the rest of the patch in the most boring possible terms to make the main update stand out. That main update is a new crosshair option.

The “cl_crosshair_t” command will give you a T-shaped crosshair. That means no more pesky top line to obscure your headshots. If you want that pesky line instead of a bottom line, you can make it so using a “cl_crosshairgap” with a high negative value, or so Reddit tell me.

Special shout-out to Redditor RadiantSun, who asked for the crosshair feature hours before it actually happened. Use those powers for good, friend.

Here are the full list of changes.


  • Fixed rare cases when smoke would not extinguish fire when it bounces between the flames.
  • Reduced the height at which smoke grenades that bounce off of walls can extinguish flames.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets could sometimes fail to penetrate player arms.
  • Reduced price by $100 for both the Revolver (now $600) and Dual Elites (now $400).


  • Fixed gloves not appearing on certain custom maps that skip default equipment.
  • Added an option cl_crosshair_t for a T-shaped crosshair.
  • Fixed StatTrak music kits not showing StatTrak logo in limited time offers.
  • Fixed a case where certain cheats could approximate the random seed used on the game server.
  • Added a way to acquire a worldwide CS:GO license for accounts running outside of CS:GO Launcher.

That last addition is likely related to the recent Chinese CS:GO launch, where the game doesn’t run through Steam but rather the Perfect World launcher.

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