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This CS:GO team’s sticker is worth $374 on Steam


A few days ago, Chinese CS:GO team TyLoo were forced to withdraw from the forthcoming ELeague Boston Major, after one of their best players – Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand – had his visa application denied. Many stickers associated with TyLoo had already been issued, however, with exciting results for anyone lucky enough to receive them.

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Dot Esports caught the sticker price spike right when it was starting, but things have moved quickly since then.On the CS:GO subreddit, HoneyCsCo has posted an image showing prices for the TyLoo Boston 2018 sticker on the Steam marketplace.

The image shows only eight copies of the rarest Foil variety, with prices starting at $525.57. At time of writing,the same search now shows 28 copies starting at $373.68, but market listings show that three had actually sold at $485.17 in the last 24 hours. That’s one hell of a return from a$5 sticker capsule.

ELeague have announced that TyLoo will be replaced by Flash Gaming, who places third at the last Asia Minor behind TyLoo and Renegades. TyLoo have released a sorrowful statement on the matter, which they describe as “heartbreaking,” but hopefully it’s some solace to know that there’s been a silver lining for some lucky CS:GO fans.