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CS:GO Empire accuses rival gambling site of scamming users with bots


One CS:GO skin gambling website has accused a rival of rigging their system. Akke, the self-proclaimed “visionary” behind CS:GO Empire, accused CS:GO Wild of “running the biggest fraud in the history of CS:GO gambling” in a lengthy tweet a couple of days ago.

It would have to be a huge fraud to eclipse 2016’s CS:GO Lotto  scandal.

CS:GO Wild’s “‘provably fair’ system is staged and they used bots to play against their customers,” says Akke. “We found an exploit to track ALL bets and Steam IDs (which they tried to hide) on Wild and we found their bot accounts which they used to bet against their customers.”

As proof, Akke links to an “example account” with a suspicious win/loss record that was created the previous day, saying that “it’s impossible to trade on Steam if you haven’t been registered for at least 15 days,” meaning it shouldn’t even have been able to deposit on Wild.

Wild posted a defence later that day, claiming that a recent database transition had created a security flaw. A rogue user then exploited this flaw to view match data, enabling them “to join profitable coin flips which they would know they would win. Presumably the goal of the user was to build up account emeralds, cycle it to a main account which is able to trade, and then withdraw winnings in a short amount of time without site administrators noticing.” Wild claim the user and all their related accounts have been banned, and all affected users have been refunded.

Provably fair is a technical term in online gambling, describing a gaming algorithm which can be analysed and determined to be fair by third parties. It has become a bone of contention in the twitter thread after Wild’s statement, with Empire, CS:GO Live Cases, and others piling on against them. Skinhub – who Akke claims are owned by the same person as Wild – are among the few coming to their defence. The thread is full of popcorn gifs from CS:GO fans enjoying the battle of the gambling sites.

CS:GO Empire claim on Twitter that they have been suffering regular DDOS attacks over the last couple of days.