Street Fighter, CS:GO and Rocket League esports are heading to BBC3

CS:GO tourny

In the first deal of its kind for the British Broadcasting Corporation, esports are heading to BBC3. The BBC have partnered with the Gfinity Elite League Series One to bring viewers action from CS:GO, Street Fighter, and Rocket League, beaming the action straight to your telly box. 

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The event will run for ten weeks and will have players fighting over a £225,000 prize. Perhaps more people into the scene with it being aired on television. It’s a good mix of games, too, each representing a different genre.

There will be a day a week dedicated to each game, with Street Fighter on Fridays at 20:45 BST, CS:GO on Saturdays at 21:00 BST, and Rocket League on Sundays at 17:00 BST.

Gfinity’s league is considered average in the esports scene, hence the relatively modest prize pot. Still, it’s a solid first step to getting esports recognised as a legitimate sport, at least in the eyes of a mainstream audience – we all know it’s legit already.