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Here’s a CS:GO show match in the sky above Prague


An adrenaline rush must be the first and most natural of natural highs. It’s a thrill surely experienced by primeval humans teaming up to bring down sabre tooth cats, and now sought by many of their modern descendents in various ways. For some, a jump from a great height, ideally assisted by a bungee cord or parachute. For others, the nail-biting closing moments of a round of Counter-Strike. Combining the two, however – that’s something new.

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The Republic of Gamers Extreme Gaming event, held in Prague over the weekend, saw an exhibition match of CS:GO between German visitors Penta and local Czechs eXtatus, with the key twist that it took place ten metres in the air, on a stage suspended by a crane.

Reddit user LopoGames has a helpful translation of the panicked conversation between the two casters, who had to take to the skies alongside the teams.

  • Caster1: Shut up! Hey, hey this is really not good. I want to go down.
  • Caster2: Higher. Higher!
  • Caster1: Shut up! I need to hold on to something but there is nothing I can grab here!
  • Caster2: Well at this point I hope we are just a quarter way up. They could get us higher.
  • Caster1: Hey you are a… Shut up! You are not helping!
  • Caster2: Can the crane operator please…

More photos are available on the Penta and eXtatus Twitter accounts. In the end, the stunning views of their hometown clearly inspired the locals, as eXtatus took the win.

Head here to watch the whole thing on Twitch.