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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch lets you trade piles of guns for like-styled weaponry


You can now trade 10 customised weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a single Arms Deal case. Last month saw the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Arms Deal system which brought lots of customised versions of the game’s guns to a virtual market. You could by the guns by the caseload or individually from the marketplace.

A patch released yesterday lets you trade 10 assorted weapons skins for a case of similarly themed skins.

If you’re getting weighed down in weapon skins but they’re all from different collections you may want to trade them in and get a single case of like-styled weapon skins. That option’s now open to you. According to the Counter-Strike blog, “The Arms Deal Contract will allow you to exchange 10 Arms Deal Collection items of identical quality for a single Arms Deal Collection item of a quality one tier higher.”

If you pop over to your Counter-Stike inventory you can make the trade there.

The patch also balanced and fixed some bugs, too. Here are the details:


– Added the Arms Deal Contract, allowing players to exchange items from the Arms Deal case.

— Use the Arms Deal Contract to exchange 10 of your Arms Deal Collection items of identical quality for a single Arms Deal Collection item of a quality one tier higher. Note: Knives are not part of collections.


– It is now possible to use Name Tags on stock/default items.


– Clan tags are now displayed in the lobby.


– Players can now only purchase 1 smoke grenade per round.

– Synchronized M4A1 and M4A4 reload completion event with visual magazine insertion and sound effect.

– Improved some bad cases of player radar visibility through smoke volumes.

– Enemy target IDs now only appear when the crosshair is over a target player’s hitboxes instead of their overall bounding box.

– Looking at a weapon in-game (default F) no longer interrupts attaching or detaching silencers.


– The kill panel now correctly displays item rarity and owner.

– Kill panel damage given and received stats no longer add damage from before a player took over a bot.

– Fixed weapon inventory hud flashing when it didn’t find the selected weapon in edge cases where you just threw a grenade.

– Fixed hud inventory not refreshing properly in some cases when picking up a flashbang.

– Fixed a bug that reported “hltv_changed_target” as an unused event in the console.

– Fixed weapon icons appearing dark for some Mac versions.

– When watching friends games on official servers, GOTV information is now requested asynchronously from matchmaking servers.

– CS:GO inventory items in Steam Community profiles now list most recently acquired items first.

– Improved CS:GO matchmaking servers stability.

– Fixed context menu popping up over the client info panel in the lobby.

– Added a cheat protected convar named “cl_draw_only_deathnotices” that turns off most hud except for death notices (for movie makers).