Craftopia generator: how to tame creatures and create batteries

You can automate almost everything in Craftopia with generators and batteries

Craftopia generator

Craftopia is a very, very ambitious Steam Early Access game. In its description you’ll read how developer Pocket Pair, Inc. want to make a sandbox, open world, crafting, management, action, RPG, looter farming game. This being a massively ambitious early access project, Craftopia definitely has a long way to go until it can fulfill all of those goals, but already there’s a solid crafting game for players looking to get to work creating their own base.

Getting up and running in Craftopia hinges on automation, and automation relies on generators. In Craftopia, a generator is used to create batteries, which can then be used to power other tech. To get a generator to work, you’ll need to capture animals and put them to work on your machinery. It’s, er, not the kindest form of automation, but it gets results.

We’ve taken the plunge into Craftopia’s soupy broth of genres and game mechanics, spent some time getting a handle on things, and are now ready to help you out with some basic guides.

How to tame creatures in Craftopia

Before you bother building a generator, you’ll need something to power said generator, and that something is any animal you can find early into the game. Whether it’s a cow or deer, Craftopia’s generators are powered by an animal walking on a giant hamster wheel.

To tame a creature in Craftopia you’ll need to craft a Monster Prism, which you can craft with three iron ingots and two sand at a stone workbench.

Once you’ve crafted a few Monster Prisms, you need to head out into the wilderness and look for animals to power your generator. Just as you’d expect from the best  Pokémon games for PC, to tame an animal in Craftopia you need to whittle its HP down low and then throw a Monster Prism at it. It might take more than one prism to secure the animal.

How to build a generator in Craftopia

You’ll be starting out with a small generator, which you can craft from the Power Tool section of the Stone Workshop. Here’s what you’ll need to make a Small Generator:

  • 1 Cogwheel
  • 1 Steel Ingot
  • 5 Log

With all of that assembled you should be able to craft the Small Generator. Now just go into your inventory, right-click the generator to equip it, and place it down in the world.

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Now all you need to do in order to start collecting batteries in Craftopia is use your Monster Prisms with the Small Generator by throwing the prism at the generator, which will spawn the monster on the wheel. Return regularly and you can retrieve batteries from the generator, but the animal will eventually die of exhaustion – grim – which will reward you with some food. Simply place another monster on the spinning wheel of death and carry on.