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The world’s first PC tower backpack is about as worthwhile as a Belgian chocolate CPU cooler

Crazzie PC Tower Backpack

Kickstarter has a lot to answer for. Because of the crowd-funding site every fool thinks they’ve got the next million dollar idea. The backpack for your desktop PC tower is the latest entrepreneurial crotch-dropping demanding gamers’ money.

Yeah, a backpack. For your desktop PC. For all those times where you’ve thought ‘I really need to transport my expensive rig in a way that offers it the least amount of protection, while also offering me the very real prospect of a hernia.’ Granted you can also spend an extra $50 on the Crazzie Accessory Pack, with your Crazzie PC Tower Backpack, where you get a trolley too.

Want to take your PC out and about? Either get a laptop or build yourself the best mini PC for gaming.

So far Crazzie is £3,031 towards its £59,534 target, with 22 backers. But there is still 23 days left if you want to throw away some money on a canvas bodybag to carry around the broken remains of your once-powerful gaming PC. Like me, your PC will be dead inside.

The Crazzie PC Tower Backpack is apparently the world’s first, which isn’t that much of a surprise, if I’m honest. It’s like proclaiming the world’s first CPU cooler made entirely out of the finest Belgian chocolate.

Crazzie PC Tower Backpack

Yes, no-one else has done it… because it’s a terrible idea.

If you want to transport your gaming PC between locales, such as to a LAN party, then there are better ways to do it. Hell, encasing the damned thing in bubble wrap and wheeling it around in a stolen shopping trolley would be a safer, more economical, less likely to irrevocably twist your spine, kind of way.

And if you’re the sort to frequent LAN parties so regularly that you need to spend $200 on a backpack then you really need to have a good long look at the sort of PC you’re intent on building. There are a host of small form factor PC components available now that you can build hugely powerful machines into tiny footprints. The sort of footprints that would allow them to fit in a frickin’ laptop bag.

Or buy a chassis that comes with a carry handle, such as Corsair’s Graphite 380T.

Crazzie cheeky off the shoulder number

There’s also the fact that, even if you did somehow think this would be a good way to treat your expensive gaming PC, the Crazzie backpack is only big enough to cater to a very specific size of gaming rig. Certainly neither of my home or office desktops would fit in the World’s First PC Tower Backpack.

Sometimes you really need to think about just why you’re the first person to start trying to manufacture a unique product…