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Creatures of Ava release date estimate, trailers, and latest news

If you're excited to play a relaxing game like Palworld, Creatures of Ava is an upcoming adventure game featuring over 20 cute critters.

The main character hugging a horse-type creature in Creatures of Ava

What is the Creatures of Ava release date? It’s hard to say what genre Creatures of Ava falls into, which perhaps makes it a more exciting venture from developer, Inverge Studios. Described as a “creature-saver game” you’ll explore four different ecosystems on the planet Ava, battling an infection called the Withering.

Creatures of Ava does look like a relaxing game from what we’ve seen so far. With over 20 cute critters that you can tame and save, and that will aid you in your adventure by helping you traverse the world and solve puzzles. You play as an explorer set to heal and help the inhabitants of Ava by uncovering the planet’s hidden secrets and finally ridding it of the Withering. Sound good? Well, here’s when you can expect the Creatures of Ava release date.

Creatures of Ava release date estimate

The Creatures of Ava release date is 2024. Though a specific date hasn’t been given for the release, the game was announced with a trailer on March 6, 2024, so hopefully we’ll see some more gameplay soon and news of a firm release date.

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Creatures of Ava story

The narrative story for Creatures of Ava is co-created by Rhianna Pratchett, best known as the narrative designer behind the Tomb Raider game reboot and Mirror’s Edge. Though Creatures of Ava is a far cry from those action adventure games, we can expect some brilliant world-building.

You play as Vic, a 22-year-old nature adventurer navigating the world alongside Tabitha, a “composed and astute researcher.” You’re faced with a threat to Ava’s inhabitants, an infection called the Withering, which has taken hold of peaceful creatures, turning them violent and aggressive.

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Creatures of Ava gameplay

Interestingly, the narrative is at the forefront of Creatures of Ava and though there is combat, it’s driven by healing and not damage, reflecting the ideals of the game. You can explore four different ecosystems, nourishing each one in your quest to defeat the withering and save the planet’s creatures.

You’ll also be able to tame creatures using a flute, and they can help you get around Ava, whether that’s forming paths or helping you solve puzzles.

That’s everything for the Creatures of Ava release date and gameplay news, just one of the upcoming games we’re looking forward to in 2024. If you’re looking for something to play in the meantime, check out the best new games on PC.