The Crew speeds into beta; launch date not far behind

The Crew beta and launch

One doesn’t have to be a driver to appreciate The Crew’s latest trailer, following one of the titular crews across America, from Miami to Los Angeles, through cities, past famous monuments like Mount Rushmore snow-capped mountains, arid deserts and eventually to the home of E3. 

The Crew’s creative chappy Julian Garrity explained that this is merely one of the many massive routes digital drivers could race through, cooperatively or competitively. Honestly, it just look extremely pretty and I’d want to drive across it without even thinking about opponents. It’s certainly easier than hopping on a flight to the US and learning to drive. 

Folk have already been playing The Crew, invited by the developers to test the game and come up with new things they want to do in their make believe sports cars. Garrity said that they’ve been making their own challenges and races on their own initiative, and some of them have become official in-game trials now.

More speed racers will be able to join a crew of their own come July 23rd, when The Crew moves to closed beta. And from there, it’s only a short drive to the finish line. The Crew is due out on November 11th.