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Get started in the Mad Max-inspired vehicular combat MMO with some free loot for new players

After years of steady updates, Crossout, with its Mad-Max style vehicular combat, is one of the best free PC games available right now. It allows you to craft a unique battle machine – everything from a truck  to a mech to a spider-walker to a hovertank – stuff it with outlandish guns, then drive around blowing up everyone else.

Sound like fun? Here’s the best part: if you sign up to Crossout via this special promo link – it’s free to do so by the way – you’ll start your new life in its post-apocalyptic wasteland with your choice from two packs of bonus items. The attacker pack comes with three guns: the LM-54 Chord, which is a reliable source of damage early on that pairs with other Chords; the Avenger 57M, which is great for long-range combat; and the Lupara shotgun, which can blow away nearby enemies.

Your other choice is the defender pack, which includes the WWT1 cabin. Modelled on the VW Minibus, this is a heavy cabin with decent speed that you can equip with a cannon or multiple Chords to provide heavy fire support for your team.

This offer is only available to players who have not signed up to Crossout before, but there’s (currently) no expiry date, so if you’re reading this hundreds of years from now when the actual apocalypse has happened, you’re still good to get away from the wasteland with free loot in the digital wasteland.

Play for Free

Crossout is free-to-play and regularly expanded. A couple of months ago it got a huge injection of cyberpunk in its Syndicate update, and its latest ‘Raven’s path’ event went live only yesterday. With millions of players and thousands of crafting components, you’ll never be short of action or starved for choice when it comes to building your own personal wrecking machine.

If you’re ready to jump in, sign up here to nab your free bonus pack as it’s not available through normal means. You can even come back to us to check out our Crossout beginner’s guide to help you get you started.