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Crusader Kings 3 gets update, discount, and you can try it for free

Crusader Kings 3, the strategy game from Victoria 3 and Stellaris creator Paradox, is heavily discounted and free to try on Steam right now.

Crusader Kings 3 gets update, huge discount, and free weekend on Steam: A blond bearded knight cheering, Vratislav of Bohemia from Crusader Kings 3.

Creating a sequel to the widely revered Crusader Kings 2 couldn’t have been an easy task. Just the same, Stellaris, Europa Universalis 4, and Victoria 3 makers Paradox Development Studio accepted the challenge and more than succeeded with 2020’s Crusader Kings 3. Since the game came out, it’s received plenty of acclaim as a successor to one of Paradox’s most popular strategy projects and, as is typical of its creator, been well supported with frequent fixes and expansions. The latest of these is an update that came out yesterday, accompanied by a steep discount, and, even better, an opportunity to play the game for free on Steam for the next few days.

Crusader Kings 3 has just been patched with its 1.12.5 Update, which improves the grand strategy game with a number of changes and additions. It brings new events for a number of the characters featured in its Legends of Crusader Kings 3 initiative, a faster, streamlined version of its tutorial, and a ton of fixes and balance changes that, among other things, change event frequency, the occurrence and behavior of its plague system, and aspects of the user interface.

The good news for anyone interested in trying out Crusader Kings 3 is that Steam is running a free weekend for the game right now. This, along with the easier entry point represented by Legends of Crusader Kings 3 and the new tutorial, makes it a great time to see if you’re into what the game offers.

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If you need more than a handful of days to really dig into Crusader Kings 3 — and you probably do — you can currently pick it up at far less than its usual price. The game is 60% off on Steam until May 23 ($19.99 USD / £16.79) and free to play for the next three days. Grab a copy or download the game during its free weekend right here.

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