Crusader Kings II: The Reaper’s Due expansion gets plague-ridden announcement trailer

crusader kings II reapers due

Fans of horrific historical epidemics, rejoice! The next expansion for medieval strategy game Crusader Kings II has got itself a grimy new announcement trailer that teases all the deathly delights awaiting players when it launches, like bubonic plague, carts full of dead people and lots of menacing little rodents.

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Watch the announcement trailer below, though hypochondriacs be warned: it’s literally one minute of people coughing and dying.

The Reaper’s Due adds a number of new systems to the game, all intended to underline the importance of plague and illness in history. Diseases will now spread through provinces along trade and shipping lanes, decimating the population, soldiers and income. In addition, wealth and manpower bonuses will be granted to properly managed provinces in peaceful kingdoms, rewarding players who respect the danger of epidemics.

You’ll also need to put resources into Hospitals and managing Royal Physicians in order to prevent the outbreak of disease and ensure that you’re kingdom is on the cutting-edge of medical science in the Dark Ages. If all else fails there’s always seclusion, which might save you… at the small price of ignoring the creeping death that’s tearing your domain apart. It’s what any ruler would do.