Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC sees series return to its “spiritual roots”


Crytek seem to have passed that arbitrary date beyond which they stop pretending multiplayer Crysis 3 DLC doesn’t exist and start talking about it incessantly. CEO Cevat Yerli reckons that $15 multiplayer expansion The Lost Island, which comes with its own fictional conceit and everything, will be “genuinely game-changing”.

The DLC brings players to a small island in the Philippines, to destroy an “unknown extraterrestrial entity” before a CELL team can obtain it “by any means necessary”.

“The gameplay in the Crysis series has always been deeply connected to the unique environments in which the action takes place,” Yerli said in a statement.

“By transporting players out of the Liberty Dome and into the Lost Island setting, we’re not only returning to Crysis’ spiritual roots, but also introducing fresh ways to play that provide Crysis 3 fans with genuinely game-changing new tactical options, game modes and weapons.”

The Crysis series’ shifting settings have always defined the way it plays. When Crytek moved to a cramped New York for the first sequel, its shooting became similarly hemmed-in. And when Crysis 3 brought the jungle back to the city, it succeeded in recapturing some of original game’s wide-open geographical and tactical scope.

A return to the tropics can’t really go amiss, then.

Tropical shooting will commence on PC on June 4. Will you be flying out to the Lost Island?

Thanks, Gamespot.