Crysis 4 development ramps up, but looks like it might take a while

Crysis 4 is certainly still in the works, as Crytek seeks senior developers to work on the “next campaign” for the FPS game sequel, alongside Hunt Showdown.

Crysis 4 development ramps up, but looks like it might take a while: A soldier in a robotic suit, Prophet from FPS game Crysis, aims a bow

It’s been a little while since we heard about Crysis 4. Originally announced in January 2022, developer Crytek – which also created the original Far Cry, and multiplayer extraction shooter Hunt Showdown – is now looking to bolster production on the FPS game sequel, seeking new hires for several senior positions. Likely, this means Crysis 4 is still in its preliminary stages, but clearly the Warface dev has serious ambitions.

All told, Crytek is advertising 22 new positions to work directly on Crysis 4. These include a senior game designer, senior technical designer, lead AI programmer, and a new lead producer. With various high-level roles looking to be filled – particularly a new producer – it would suggest that development of Crysis 4 is still in the initial stages, though Crytek is clearly seeking a big influx of talent to bring the shooter to bear.

“A Crysis is coming,” the developer says in its new recruitment video. “Come help us build the next campaign. We are destroying the boundaries of the possible to make the impossible a reality.”

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Various other roles are also advertised for Crysis 4, ranging from lighting and environment artists to gameplay and physics programmers. Crytek is also seeking new hires, including a game designer, for Hunt Showdown.

As for the Crysis 4 release date, from what we know so far, it’s likely to come sometime in 2024. We’re yet to see any actual gameplay, with only the game’s announcement trailer providing a glimpse of what’s to come. The nanosuits are seemingly back, and there are a couple of hints that Crysis 4 will be set in an urban rather than jungle setting, similar to Crysis 2.

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