A new trailer reveals the Crysis Remastered release date, and it’s an Epic exclusive

Crysis Remastered comes to PC next month as an Epic Games Store exclusive

“Can it run Crysis” may be about to be a thing again, with Crysis Remastered on its way to PC. There’s a new trailer out today that reveals the Crysis Remastered release date, along with some snippets of the graphical enhancements we’ll see when it arrives.

The Crysis Remastered release date is set for September 18 on consoles and PC, where it’ll be available via the Epic Games Store. Saber Interactive, who you may remember from its work on titles like SnowRunner and World War Z, are handling the remaster of Crytek’s 2007 FPS game, and it features textures up to 8K, software-powered ray-traced lighting and global illumination, and “much more for a major visual upgrade”, according to the video description.

The video makes a compelling case. Even at 13 years old, Crysis is still a pretty decent-looking game, but the remaster is undeniably prettier thanks to the new high-resolution textures and cutting edge lighting effects. We don’t get to see any combat in the teaser, but the side-by-side comparison shots of the environments do a pretty good job of establishing the visual leap forward the remaster is making.

Here’s the teaser:

YouTube Thumbnail

And here’s the original teaser from earlier this year:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s no store page available for Crysis Remastered yet, but you can visit the official Crysis site to keep up to date on the latest news. We’ve also got a handy list of old games that are still worth playing if you’ve been hit with some heavy nostalgia vibes.

Ian Boudreau contributed to this report.