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Fantastic Steam roguelike set to add co-op and more in big update

The new Cult of the Lamb Unholy Alliance update brings co-op to the excellent roguelike game in August, introducing newcomer the Goat.

Excellent roguelike Cult of the Lamb reveals new co-op update Unholy Alliance - A cartoon fox is hypnotized.

One of the best roguelike games in recent years will soon get even better. Cult of the Lamb combines combat reminiscent of action games like Hades and The Binding of Isaac with a base building and management side that has you sacrificing followers to an Eldritch god like some sort of devilish midpoint between Animal Crossing and Darkest Dungeon. Now a new update is set to bring a hefty helping of upgrades aside the long-requested addition of co-op.

Revealed during the most recent Devolver Direct showcase, new Cult of the Lamb update Unholy Alliance transforms one of the most surprising breakout roguelike games in recent years with the addition of co-op. But even if you’re planning to stick to solo, there’s still a whole lot to look forward to.

The new co-op mode sees the second player joining in the role of new playable character the Goat. You can swap out weapons with your partner, and you’ll deal extra damage if you fight back to back or score guaranteed crits if you land attacks in sync with each other. There are also new two-person variants of minigames such as fishing and knucklebones.

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Along with the addition of co-op, the Unholy Alliance update also introduces plenty more to look forward to. That includes new tarot cards and relics, along with more buildings and fleeces. Followers will also get additional traits and new quests to complete, and there are even some new secrets to uncover.

Cult of the Lamb Unholy Alliance launches as a free update on Monday August 12. You can get the base game on Steam right now if you want to try it out before the co-op update lands.

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